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Since its beginning in 2001, Timeline Production has firmly established itself in the film industry.

With outstanding extreme sports film productions, the company’s founders Franz Hinterbrandner and Max Reichel earned themselves a reputation of being a reliable team that is proficient in a variety of genres, such as documentaries, feature films, cinema and television advertising etc.



Taking it to the limit with passion

Timeline Productions always pushes for the limit. Whether it is on a vertical rock face or in the freezing temperatures of Antarctica, the team captures breathtaking footage that leaves lasting impressions. But it’s the people who are at the heart of their productions. Their stories and their emotions take center stage in the company’s successful documentaries.

Achieving the full potential

Such adventures call for an experienced team – experts who know their stuff, in pre-production, during filming and in post-production. With more than twelve years of professional experience Max Reichel and Franz Hinterbrandner orchestrate each production with accuracy. For documentaries they keep teams small and efficient. In more complex productions like feature films or advertising spots they deftly and competently guide large teams. Their expertise creates trust. That’s why customers such as Adidas, Red Bull or the ZDF consistently opt for Timeline Production’s expert knowledge.



  • Alaska - Tiefer Schnee
    22. Februar 2017
    Alaska - Tiefer Schnee
    First broadcast at ServusTV
  • Zillertal
    08. August 2016
    Film shooting with climbing icon Peter Habeler in the Zillertal.
  • Wild Kaiser
    03. August 2016
    Wild Kaiser
    Film shooting on behalf of the BR for a program about climbing with kids.
  • Karwendel
    23. June 2016
    Film shooting in Karwendel with Heinz Zak.
  • Alexander Huber
    14. June 2016
    Alexander Huber
    Film shooting in Berchtesgadener Land with Alexander Huber.
  • Alaska
    15. May 2016
    Film shooting in Alaska with Nadine Wallner and Eva Walkner.
  • Shangri La
    04. May 2016
    Shangri La
    Documentary "Shangri La" with Bernd Zangerl is on Servus TV. (Photo: Ray Demski)
  • High-Tirol
    02. March 2016
    Documentary "High-Tirol - On skis through a paradise" with Steve House is on Servus TV.
  • Showreel 2016
    05. February 2016
    Showreel 2016
    Timeline Production: Showreel 2016
  • Nameless Mountain
    04. December 2015
    Nameless Mountain
    Documentary "Nameless Mountain - Hubert von Goisern and Alexander Huber in Greenland" is on Servus Tv.
  • Heinz Zack
    10. November 2015
    Heinz Zack
    Shooting with Heinz Zack in Tyrol.
  • Elbe Sandstone Mountains
    23. October 2015
    Elbe Sandstone Mountains
    Documentary "Elbe Sandstone Mountains - borderland climbing" is on ServusTV.
  • Mountain Rescue Service
    20. September 2015
    Mountain Rescue Service
    Reportage about the mountain rescue service in Berchtesgaden is on ZDF.
  • India
    10. September 2015
    Shooting with Bernd Zangerl in India.
  • Shooting in Karakoram
    22. June 2015
    Shooting in Karakoram
    Shooting with Dani Arnold, Alexander Huber, Thomas Huber and Mario Walder.
  • Copter Showreel
    21. May 2015
    Copter Showreel
    Timeline Production: Copter Showreel 2015.
  • Greenland
    02. April 2015
    Film shooting with Alexander Huber and Hubert von Goisern.
  • Pierra Menta 2015
    10. March 2015
    Pierra Menta 2015
    Film shooting for a portait film about paralympic participant Michael Kurz.
  • Broadcast: Documentation "On skis on the edge"
    30. January 2015
    Broadcast: Documentation "On skis on the edge"
    Documentary "On skis on the edge" is on Servus TV. (Foto: Baschi Bender)
  • Portrait Alexander Huber
    12. January 2015
    Portrait Alexander Huber
    Production for "Faszination Heimat" (Servus TV).
  • Streif Premiere
    02. January 2015
    Streif Premiere
    Film premiere of "Streif" - we took part as second unit.
  • A1 TV commercial
    03. December 2014
    A1 TV commercial
    TV commercial of A1 at Grossglockner.
    13. November 2014
    OPEN ALL WINTER - Making Of
  • Tirol
    12. November 2014
    Film shooting in Tirol. Customer: A1
  • Gorges Du Verdon
    27. May 2014
    Gorges Du Verdon
    On Tour with Holger Heuber, Manfred Eder und Heinz Panek.
  • Exploring Alaska
    14. April 2014
    Exploring Alaska
    After the first two days of skiing everybody is happy.
  • Exploring Alaska
    12. April 2014
    Exploring Alaska
    Welcome to Alaska. We are shooting with Eva Walkner, Nadine Wallner and Christine Hargin in Haines.
  • All in or nothing
    02. März 2014
    All in or nothing
    Start of the shooting for the new brand campaign of Adidas in Lienz.
  • Into the Light
    21. February 2014
    Into the Light
    Shooting of Stefan Glowacz and Chris Sharma climbing the world biggest cave chamber (Oman).
  • Streif
    23. January 2014
    Shooting for the latest cinema production of Gerald Salmina. A movie about the legendary Streif race and it´s conqueror´s.
  • New Copter
    13. January 2014
    New Copter
    Finally!! Our new copter is flying with a C300.
  • Andy Holzer - Blind Climber
    08. Dezember 2013
    Andy Holzer - Blind Climber
    The old city Petra
  • Andy Holzer - Blind Climber
    07. Dezember 2013
    Andy Holzer - Blind Climber
    Arrival of the Wadi Rum.
  • Andy Holzer - Blind Climber
    05. Dezember 2013
    Andy Holzer - Blind Climber
    On the way with the beduins through Jordan. Destination: Wadi Rum
  • Andy Holzer - Blind Climber
    01. Dezember 2013
    Andy Holzer - Blind Climber
    Arrival in Jerusalem / Israel.
  • La Esfinge - The Riddle of the Sphinx
    17. September 2013
    La Esfinge - The Riddle of the Sphinx
    Together with Edu Marin and Dani Moreno we shoot in Peru for Adidas.
  • Lightballoon
    28. August 2013
    We bought a new sun.
  • Baffin Expedition
    12. May 2013
    Baffin Expedition
    Mt. Asgard with the Huber Brothers.
  • Bavarian Direct on Air
    1. March 2013
    Bavarian Direct on Air
    Since the 01.03.2013, you can get our new movie with the Huber Brothers.
  • Wing-Suit am Matterhorn
    15. October 2012
    Wing-Suit am Matterhorn
    Valery Rozov jumped with a wingsiute from the shoulder on Hörnli Grad (Matterhorn, Switzerland).

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